US Homeowners are saving a fortune on electricity bills with new solar.

According to the solar data company, PVRoof, US homeowners with solar panels are now saving upwards up $1,000 or more per year on their electricity bills using new solar - this comes to roughly 70% in total annual savings.

Their analysis further showed that southern, middle-belt and western states (i.e., Texas, Oklahoma, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and others) spend more on electricity per year (~$1,340+) than most states nationwide. As such, homeowners in these locations without a solar roof system are at a disadvantage and will end up spending upwards of $25,000 on electricity bills alone in the next 20-years.

But the problem of solar panels is rather complicated, and most installers typically mislead homeowners on the true cost and true savings that could be derived from a solar system. In a recent survey, it was said that more than 65% of solar installers over inflate the true cost of a solar roof system, leaving homeowners with a high bill and a lower savings forecast over time. To solve this, an unbiased system (i.e., a software tool) that provides the true cost and true savings figure for homeowners in what the US solar industry needs.

PVRoof has therefore done this and built the renowned global solar calculator tool that does exactly that. This unbiased solar software calculator performs a detailed energy home audit with just a few homeowner questions, and presents homeowners with outputs such as, the recommended solar panel size for your home, cost of total installation, 20year savings, finance options and more. PVRoof built this tool strictly for homeowners, to enable them understand all the easy technical details around solar roofs and get them comfortable and confident when discussing with a solar installer on the next steps.

Want to save over $1,000 on your electricity bills? Go to, enter your home details and find out how much you too could save. For a seamless end-to-end process, PVRoof’s data algorithm will connect you the closest most reputable solar installation provider to guide you on the next steps to how you too could save a fortune on your electricity bills each year.